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01 August 2008 @ 07:06 pm
Round 5, Prompt 9  
Title:   The Seduction of Carlisle Cullen
Author:  snuggle_muggle
Rating:  R
Category:  Romance, definitely romance
Prompt:  Esme shares a rare quiet moment alone with Carlisle while the rest of the family is out hunting.
Summary:  Esme has plans for the evening, a lot of plans.
Warnings:  Very suggestive, nothing explicitly vulgar
Notes:  Probably one of the more erotic things I've ever written.  I hope you enjoy it.

The Seduction of Carlisle Cullen

Esme Cullen watched the back of Emmett’s jeep drive away from the house and smiled softly to herself as she shut the door. Jasper, Alice, Emmett, and Rosalie were headed into the mountains to hunt for a few days and she and Carlisle would join them within a day or two. Edward and Bella had flown off to their honeymoon that very morning – five days after their wedding -- and the house was regaining some semblance of normalcy again. The wedding and party afterward had been wonderful and Edward had walked around with a permanent silly grin since then. Esme knew that was because he and Bella had found such happiness in their physical relationship and she didn’t begrudge them that – heaven only knows they both deserved every second of it. However, the teasing and innuendo between the siblings, the emotional stress felt by Jasper, the times of anxiety felt by Bella, all of this had taken a definite toll on her. As "mother" of the family, she seemed to be responsible for calming everyone down, smoothing over disagreements, breaking up the little potential arguments, and making sure that things moved along as planned. It hadn’t been like this before Bella. But, of course, Esme wouldn’t change a thing about her new daughter, er, daughter-in-law.

She sank into the buttery soft leather of the couch and closed her eyes, reveling in the absolute stillness. Even Carlisle wasn’t home at the moment. He was at the hospital working on some particularly difficult cases and she expected him home within an hour or so. She smiled to herself. It had been nearly two weeks since they’d had time alone together and it had been even longer than that since they had been alone together without at least one of the family in the house to overhear them or their thoughts or their futures. She still felt, after all these years, slightly uncomfortable really letting go with Carlisle when she knew that Edward, Alice, or Jasper knew everything that was going on in huge master bedroom, or even when Emmett or Rosalie were in the house and could hear every word they spoke to each other, despite their trying to be quiet. Carlisle, she suspected, felt the same and it was rare that their sex life was very uninhibited. Edward had once called it Puritan. It had taken weeks for Esme to even be able to look him in the eye after that comment, and he hadn’t even been trying to embarrass her. He had only asked if they behaved that way because that was the way she was raised. It had been humiliating to say the least.

But now, when they were completely alone – well, she intended to take advantage of the moment and seduce Carlisle until they were both sated, and there would be nothing Puritan about her tonight. She stood up and crossed to the small stereo system wired throughout the house, slipping in one of her favorite CDs. The music was sensual and it always made her feel powerful and sexy and seductive. A thrill of anticipation crawled up her spine and she took a deep breath, not fighting the urges, but letting them simmer, letting the heat build in her brain, turning her thoughts toward her beautiful, marvelous husband and his very talented hands. Oh, yes. Those hands. She bit her lip and crossed to the kitchen. There was not much food in the refrigerator although there were still some leftovers from the wedding that Bella had gamely tried to finish. No one had noticed the small jar of chocolate sauce in the corner behind the fruit or the canister of whipping cream she had so stealthily sneaked into the vegetable crisper. It tasted horrible to her, but the sensual feeling of the cream on her skin (okay, she’d tried it once and she wasn’t ashamed to admit it) made up for the taste. She hoped Carlisle agreed.

She climbed the stairs with her secret food stash and put the chocolate and cream into the drawer next to her side of the bed for easy access later. She opened her dresser drawer and pulled out a small bag, smiling as she unwrapped the delicate silk and lace negligee and laid it on the bed. She and Alice had gotten several such items for Bella as a honeymoon present and it had been fairly easy to purchase one in her own size and hide it for use now. She didn’t know if anyone had suspected and she didn’t really care. She undressed and stepped into the shower, washing every inch of herself carefully with the sandalwood soap that Carlisle so enjoyed and then spraying her water-warmed skin with the matching after-bath spray. She breathed deeply of the scent and its seductive undertones peaked her nipples and deepened her breathing even further. The slide of silk over her bare skin and the careful act of tying each of the ribbons down the front of the nightgown caused even more heat and excitement. She hoped that Carlisle hurried. But not too fast. She still had a few things to prepare.

She found a pair of silk pajama pants for him that he had owned for several years. They had originally been a joke gift one Christmas from Emmett, but they were going to get used tonight. She laid them out on the bed and fluffed the pillows, making sure the scent of sandalwood from her hands lingered on the linen so they would smell it as they lay next to each other. She intended to run him a bath when he got home, and wash him with the same sandalwood soap she had used on herself. She knew he would enjoy that, and if she was tricky with how she touched him, she could drive him wild and get him ready for a long night of pleasure for both of them.

Esme also carefully removed from behind a pile of sweaters in her closet four thick silk rope ties. They were leftover from when she had installed the drapes in this room and they matched the tie-backs for the drapery exactly. When she had seen them, she had hardly dared think of anything to do with them, but she had saved them nonetheless and now she knew. She just hoped Carlisle wouldn’t mind bringing a few simple toys into their play tonight. They had both heard Emmett and Rosalie when they played various sex games and even though it was embarrassing, she had noted how Carlisle had reacted and hoped she hadn’t been reading his interest wrong. She didn’t really care which one of them was doing the tying and which one was tied. In fact, maybe they could trade off. Of course, it was all for show really. One firm tug on any of the ropes and they’d disintegrate, but just the idea of being tied did something to her and she shifted uncomfortably wondering again when he would arrive.

She pulled two books off the bookshelves in the corner, a small book of erotic poetry that never failed to make her shiver, and a book that Carlisle enjoyed reading from, Victorian pornography was the only way she could describe it, but he considered it sensual and when he read out loud with that velvet voice quietly in her ear . . . well, she could definitely see the appeal. The books were stacked neatly on the bedside table on Carlisle’s side of the bed and she smiled once again, dimming the lights. She lit candles in the sconces on the wall and sighed again at the delicate smell of the patchouli candles. She loved these but rarely had reason to light them. She turned toward the bed, imagining the sensual feast awaiting them tonight and tightened her thighs together. If Carlisle didn’t hurry, she may have to take care of herself, something she had never done before nor particularly wanted to try, but every nerve in her body was thrumming and she didn’t think she could wait much longer before she experienced the spontaneous combustion Bella was always complaining about.

She descended the steps slowly, breathing slowly and deeply, relishing in the smooth feel of her skin against the silk of the negligee and the slightly naughty feeling she had from not wearing any undergarments. She dimmed the lights downstairs as well, double-checking to be sure that the CD was on indefinite repeat. If she and Carlisle spent hours together tonight, which was her ultimate goal, she wanted the soft strum of the music to heighten the sensation every moment. Finally, when she didn’t think she could wait another minute, she heard the almost imperceptible hum of his car’s engine and the click of the door closing behind him. She bit her lip in nervous anticipation, as anxious to see his beautiful face as if it had been years rather than merely hours since he had pecked her lips with a kiss good-bye. The door opened silently and he stepped into the living room. She knew that he would smell her instantly and she wasn’t disappointed when he turned to see her lounging casually on the settee. He smiled, his teeth practically glowing in the dim light.

"Oh, love. You smell absolutely divine." His eyebrows raised as he saw what she was and was not wearing and she heard the in-drawn breath of surprise and desire. "We are alone tonight, then? Everyone left as planned?" He didn’t wait for her response, but sank down to his knees in front of her, his hand smoothing carefully over her silk-clad shoulder, close to her breast, but not close enough.

"Completely alone, my love."

"You are enchanting." He nuzzled his nose into her neck, kissing her with much more care than was really necessary. He couldn’t hurt her, even if he tried, but she knew that slow and gentle at first would drive them both wild until neither of them could wait any longer. She closed her eyes against the sensations running rampant in her body as his teeth closed delicately on her nipple through the silk and her aching body thrummed again. Carlisle glanced up the stairs. "Shall I take you up to our bed, love, or would you rather stay down here for a bit?"

She tried to force her mind back to reality. "Bed, I think. You should have a warm bath."

"Ummm." He bit her other nipple, licking it repeatedly and sucking with just enough pressure to tighten her belly and she moaned involuntarily. His wicked tongue licked again and Esme felt herself being pulled under. "You smell like you can’t wait that long, my darling. I could bring you pleasure here first, just a small climax, hmm?"

She knew what that meant. He would tease her until she was begging for it, only barely bringing her to climax, leaving her aching and hungry for more. The man knew how to play her like Edward played his piano and she could just helplessly vibrate in his hands. His smooth cool hand slid under the hem of the negligee, intent on his goal of the skin of her inner thigh and she tried to wriggle away from him, shaking her head. "Bedroom first."

"I don’t think so," and nothing else was said as his seduction began in earnest and her cries of pleasure echoed through the empty house, louder perhaps than they had ever been before.

She vowed that he would definitely be the one tied first and surrendered to the dark pull of his mouth, all else forgotten.

SamanthaIrenesammie_3 on August 16th, 2008 11:01 pm (UTC)
Esme you dirty girl.
snuggle_muggle: Edward/Bella with green namessnuggle_muggle on August 21st, 2008 05:48 am (UTC)
Well, after that many years, you'd expect her to have learned some tricks.
mythicvictory: willowguhmythicvictory on August 20th, 2008 08:44 pm (UTC)

Nice to see the flames still burn after the first 100 years. Poor Carlisle, no one but him and his hand before Esme...I think if my dh had to wait 300 years before we got together he would have bought a small country for me, not an island!
Woohoo! Glad they don't let the young'uns think they invented sex!

Edited at 2008-08-20 08:44 pm (UTC)
snuggle_muggle: Edward/Bella with green namessnuggle_muggle on August 21st, 2008 05:49 am (UTC)
Re: Guh
I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I imagine they can have a fantastic time together, if they can ever get any privacy.
Amy: Twilight NM C/Escarlett71177 on February 8th, 2010 02:40 am (UTC)
OOH! Lordy Mercy.

Love this. This piece had a great vibe and really seemed to suit the characters. You did a great job infusing the sensuality into a wonderful relationship.